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Erica Gibson

Physician at Spira Care Liberty

Dr. Gibson was born and raised in the Kansas City area and grew up in Raytown, Missouri. Dr. Gibson’s family has worked in the medical field for several generations. Her mother, grandparents, and aunt were all medical professionals and supported her journey in becoming a physician. She received her Medical Degree at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and she has 20 years of clinical outpatient primary care experience.

Dr. Gibson enjoys working at Spira Care because it allows her to spend more time with patients than previous settings. This gives her the opportunity to talk with her patients and understand their concerns and stressors.

“I had a patient with tremors who would drink alcohol and smoke to suppress her condition. Through working with her, we were able to cut back on both drinking and smoking, and her health has improved significantly as a result. I think that having that extra time to spend with her is what made the difference.”

Dr. Gibson also appreciates the advanced primary care services available at Spira Care, such as Behavioral Health Consultants, health coaches, and diabetes educators.

“The culture is set up to make the patient successful. We have behavioral health on-site, which is not often available in primary care settings. At Spira Care, we offer a lot more support than a typical primary care office.”

Working in partnership with the Care Team, Dr. Gibson has seen many successful outcomes in her patients, such as in patients who experience behavioral health challenges like anxiety and depression.

“Through medication and lifestyle changes, helping people manage anxiety and depression is fulfilling work. I’ve had some folks reach out after working together and thank me for the work I’ve done with them, which is very impactful.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Gibson or another Care Team member, call 913-29-SPIRA (77472).